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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Connect with Catherine and Jason, Thursday June 27th

Thanks for visiting!  Please join us as we discuss the shocking arrest of former NFL player Aaron Hernandez, who is charged with murder. We wait for the case to come to court and hear all of the facts, but I cannot help but wonder, and ask myself the question -- why?  How could he get into this situation?  A young man is dead and another young man is in jail.  

We will give you an update on Nelson Mandela, a true icon. 

We will also discuss the mess that celebrity chef Paula Deen has gotten herself into.  Jason and I will share our personal thoughts on this situation.  

Please join us tonight, 8pm pacific.  We welcome and encourage you to give us a call, join us in the chat room and let your voice and opinion be heard.  Here is the link:

Hope to see you then!! 

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