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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wednesday's Thoughts

Today is Wednesday, and it's also Halloween. It's raining here and I'm not really expecting too many trick-or-treaters, however I do have candy ready!  Happy Halloween everyone!

Tuesday night's radio show

Last night's show was a blast!  I thank JP and Dillon very much for inviting me to be a permanent co-host.  If you haven't already checked us out, please visit  We are live every Tuesday from 8-10pm eastern time.  JP, Dillon and Kate are truly awesome people and every week is a fun filled 2 hours. My segment, which is called "Are You Kidding Me?" was very good. I thank my friend Joe, a blogger I met through twitter, for encouraging me to share this story.  His blog is great and you can find it here:   Kate's segment, called "Kate's Rant" was excellent!  Kate is a wonderful and special lady, please visit her at   The show is sponsored by  We encourage you to call us (619-393-6431) and give a hero shoutout!  The great folks at Hero Energy Shot will send you a 2 pack of hero energy shots, and I'm here to tell you the company is amazing and their products are excellent!  I hope you can listen to the live show, but if not, feel free to check the archives for previous shows.   

Hurricane Sandy 

Also, on last night's show we were lucky enough to have the one and only Charlie Frattini from Sell This House Extreme on A&E.  Charlie shared his experiences and thoughts about Hurricane Sandy.  Charlie is a great guy, and offered his help to others. 

Speaking of this awful Hurricane, I find myself watching every news report.  It's just devastating and I am praying for everyone who's been affected by all of this loss.  It's truly heartbreaking.  I can't imagine going through something like this.  I keep hearing, "Strangers Becoming Friends" and that's pretty cool in the scope of things. People helping others.  I think Gov. Chris Christie is great, and he and the President had a press conference today, so the people affected should feel better about help coming to them.  

This is all I have for Wednesday, thank you for visiting my blog!  Enjoy your Halloween, see you next time - feel free to follow me on twitter @cathinseattle  
XO   Catherine  


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Welcome to my corner of the universe!  I will be writing about my views on current events, living my life and things that just come to mind!  I hope you will enjoy, visit often and comment!