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Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Hi #NASCARAniPals!  

Thank you so very much Owen!!  We are super excited about this.  We thought having the instructions in one place would be easier for everyone.   

You get points based on where your driver finishes.  So how do you choose a team? It's simple! 

There's 3 tiers of drivers, the 1st tier has all the Chase drivers from 2013, 2nd Tier the next 20ish ranked drivers, 3rd tier is everyone else  Each week you choose 2 drivers from tier 1, 4 from tier 2, & 2 from tier 3 & for each race you pick a 4 driver team each week.  You pick 1 of 2 from tier 1, 2 of 4 from tier 2, and 1 of 2 from tier 3 BUT you can use each driver only 9 times each year.  Your 8 driver team is locked in once qualifying starts