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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Petition drive to rescue captured military dog

Hi friends, 
Please look at the article and review and sign this very important petition.  After you read this, I know you will agree that this is very important!

Thank you Raelene for all that you do.   

Thank you very, very much!  



  1. I agree with you and the article :)

  2. Thank you for bringing this petition to our attention. Signed & shared Mara (maxiboceephus) xo

  3. I signed 3 other petitions in this case and share them on Twitter and FB. One I think was also submitted by Rae, Duchess was helping her tweet. I will sign both of those, because I wish this brave dog gets home safely and retire in dignity. I will share them as well. Great deed Catherine and Rae! (Coco-MauAqua)

    1. Thank you Coco for twting the petitions, posting it on Facebook and we hope more and more people sign and post on their FaceBook pages too. Heartfelt gratitude to you & ALL.> XO Raelene!

  4. Dear Catherine,
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for blogging and adding our military dog's story. I can't thank you enough. Our military dog has sacrificed enough, and it's time the US rescues him from the Taliban. With all of us united and taking a stand for him, I pray we make a difference. You're beautiful! Thank you for your help. You're a great friend!
    Please~everyone! Read the links on behalf of our military dog being and sign the petition.
    Love, Raelene xoxo

    Love you all so very much!
    Raelene, Lakota & Miracle xoxo