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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Pet Fashions

Hello and thanks for stopping by!  So look what I saw on Good Morning America this weekend -  Priscilla the Mini Pig is just absolutely precious!

When I saw this story, I immediately thought of my very good friend Coco-Mau.  As some of you may know, she's the owner and creator of Petmonarchy, the worlds most beautiful and very couture pet fashions.  Please visit her store here --->  and buy your beloved pet a new pressie today! 


Have a great day!  





Thursday, September 11, 2014

Please vote!

Hello friends! 

Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog today. I have a very important request.  Please vote for our very good furriend, Naeya for "Best Dog On Twitter ---->   She will donate to charity and we can vote once per day.  Naeya has been an amazing, sweet, fun and devoted pal to us on twitter and we'd love to see our girl win this!  

Please follow Naeya on twitter at  @rustylinda  

Thank you very much.



Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Seattle's Own Music Artists!

Hey friends! 

Remember last month I interviewed Beth Whitney and Bradford Loomis?  It was such a fun interview.  They are both local music artists here in the Seattle area, so that made it even more fun for me.  Anyway, checkout this cool article I came across:

Here's the original interview from my show:

Please checkout these really talented and super nice artists right here:

Thanks for your friendship and continued support!  

Stay tuned -- Catherine