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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Rusty Linda

Hi friends, 
We all miss our girl, Rusty Linda.  Rusty Linda went Over The Rainbow Bridge recently, and we thought it would be a nice tribute if each of us wrote a sentence or paragraph about what Rusty Linda meant to us personally.  Please include your twitter name and write what you would like to in the comments section, here on this blogpost.  I will asked our friend, @PepiSmartDog to write a tribute with our comments as the Bridge welcomes our precious angel. 

Thank you all very much.  We know this will be a big comfort to Rusty Linda's family, as well as to each of her friends who love her.  

Catherine   @catherineinsea



  1. @bryanttuppy here. Earth will miss this happy girl! See you OTRB, Rusty Linda...

  2. I never got to know Rusty Linda, but I know that she must be one of Heaven's most beautiful little angels.
    God Bless you Rusty Linda, and your family on earth too, both furry and human.

  3. I never got to know Rusty Linda but I know she must be one of Heaven's most beautiful little angels.
    God Bless Rusty Linda and your entire family, both furry and human.

  4. Rusty Linda meant the world to everyone. She was a very special and talented girl.

  5. Rusty wez miss youz so much! Wez know youz probably up dere in heaven running free and playing! Wez neveh forget youz Rusty! Youz meant da world to us!! Till wez meet again...youz ferrets fwiendz

  6. my angel Rustylinda, your name describes you perfectly,cakes. I will continue to sing to you as you watch over us. love forever,
    P.S. Your momma is da BEST.

  7. Amanda & LiL TykeSeptember 19, 2013 at 9:28 PM

    Claudia, you already know how much Tyke & I loved Rusty & how sorry we are for your loss. She'll always be in our hearts forever. She'll truely be missed by everyone. Xoxo love Amanda & @LiL_Tyke07

  8. I had the privilege of seeing rusty everyday while was working at the Henry Hudson resident and I must say that she was a very charming "lady" I still remember her mother walking her around and the time she will dress her up for the Pet Show and Haloween..Claudia was the best mother of the world Rusty could have gotten. She will be sorely missed and remembered

  9. Rusty was a dear friend who will always live on in our hearts . Such a special girl who is now a beautiful angel in heaven . We will love you forever sweetheart xxx God Bless and Run Free @chelleloulou

  10. Rusty was a very special friend who will live on in our hearts forever . She is now a beautiful angel in heaven . You made us smile everyday and we were blessed to know you . Run Free sweetheart , we love you always xxx God Bless you and your family ! Chelle and Kye

  11. I didnt know Rusty, but my brother Bear @BearBearD did and thought she was so nice. I hope they have met at the Bridge and are having lots of fun together. RosyPoodkeKisses @PrincessRosyRue

  12. This precious little girl Rustylinda was one of my first anipals that I followed and followed me. She was such a sweet super star! And even though her mom was so humble, Rusty truly was a little star! We will always remember her doing her thang on the red carpet. Rest in peace lil sweet girl. Run free and have fun in Heaven. God Bless~You are truly missed! Mwwwwah!

  13. Rusty was very speshul & always made me laff & smile. She's a booful Angel looking after us all till we all meet again one day. She's truly a booful soul who will be wiv us in our hearts 4ever. I Lubs you Rusty <3 xx Love Molly Moo Moo

  14. I would first like to thank you Catherine for being such a sweet person and making this beautiful tribute for my little girl, thank you!
    Also, for all the sweet messages that all her friends left her, you guys have a huge heart and i love you all.
    Much love,
    Claudia Swan

  15. Rusty was there for me when I lost Big Shadow last year. It was a traumatic time for me. She was a great friend and I miss her dearly. The one thing I enjoyed & will miss most is her fashion sense! She was a doggie fashionista! She sent me many pics of her in her different outfits. I loved them all! Rusty, we love & miss you!